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Florals, Florals, Florals!

Florals, Florals, Florals!

Nothing says Spring like sporting Florals! It’s timeless and fresh and just screams Spring.

Florals feel like a renewal of fresh and bright things to come! 

As you all should know by now, I’m in love with all things vintage, from furniture to clothing, vintage is for me! It’s a great way to reuse what we have and be chic at the same time!

I’ve paired my vintage floral dress with my signature red pumps and a baseball hat to make this fancy dress more casual! 

Usually I have my vintage finds for sale in my boutique, however this time I fell in love and kept the dress!

Here is a similar style!

Floral Dress!


Thanks for joining me dolls! I hope you continue to follow me on this Fashion Journey!

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Pastel Pants!

Hello Babes!

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe! I know it’s an incredibly difficult time now but I hope you all are keeping positive. I am in the vulnerable category because of my asthma so I’ve been inside for a week. I thought I might as well Blog and inspire you all with some Spring Fashion!

While it is technically Spring, it still is on the chillier side but pastel colored pants bring the Spring time Vibes no matter the weather!

I have paired these pants a few different ways to show you how to embrace Spring in the midst of the cooler weather!



Thanks for reading Babe!

shop The looks at








Festive Christmas Attire!

Christmas Time! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Which also means tons of events and wondering what to wear! It can be overwhelming! Well I have a few ideas for you which I hope will take some of the pressure off!

Event: Christmas Party-Casual 

I say you can never go wrong with an Ugly Christmas Sweater! They are festive and fun and allow you to eat without wearing something tight and constricting. Pair with a mini skirt and tights to dress it up a bit!




Vintage Christmas Sweaters!


Event: Work Christmas Party

Remember, this is a work party so you dress with that in mind. A safe bet is wearing dressy office attire with a dash of Cheer! A sparkly top, pencil skirt and brooch would be perfect!




Tube Skirt $88


Event: Christmas Eve Church Service and Christmas Show/Theatre/Play

A cocktail dress with tights and pumps would be perfect to be dressed up but not too formal!




Sequin Dress $298

Event: Home Gathering 

I love to be comfortable when I’m in a home environment! A maxi dress is perfect to be dressed up and comfortable at the same time!


Lover to Lover Maxi Dress $228


Dazzle Velvet Maxi Dress $78


No matter what you do during this Christmas season I hope you have an amazing time with family and friends! God bless you and remember Jesus is the reason for the season. Try not to forget the important things. Being with the ones you love.

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Fashion 4 the 4th!

Hey dolls!

My gosh it’s been forever since we spoke so I apologize! To give you an update; I had another baby so I’ve been insanely busy and tired 💤

However, now that we’ve settled into a sorta routine I will be blogging once a week! So be ready to hear more from me!

Now on to the fashion!

I can’t believe how quickly the 4th is coming up! It seems as if I was just getting done with Easter now it’s already the end of June!

I love Independence Day! It’s usually hot and it’s a great day to be outside and hang with family and friends. It’s always fun to dress in America’s colors while doing it! However, I’m a firm believer in making sure outfits for holidays aren’t super “cliche looking!” I believe it’s important to purchase pieces that can be worn more than once and easily incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. You can easily add accessories to make your outfit look more patriotic!

First, a classic look that’s always an option-shorts!

A pair of chic shorts in classic denim or white would be a perfect choice to celebrate the 4th of July! Shorts are great for wearing to picnics and other outdoor events!

Pleated Sleeveless Top $64.50

Next, leggings! This athleisure fave is a no brainer if you want to be comfy and stylish at the same time! Make it work for the hot weather by switching out leggings for a pair of biker shorts instead! Pair with flats and a tunic top to give it a daytime look rather than looking like you’re about to hit the gym!

Pair with this…

June Bug Maxi Blouse $228.00

Or this…

Right On Time Tunic $68.00

Harlow Bike Short $38.00

Classic Stripes are perfect to display your pride for America! A striped top is perfect for the holiday and beyond!

Boatneck puffed sleeve top in stripes $69.50

Point Sur seaside short in linen-TENCEL™ $49.50

My personal favorite is a maxi dress! Maxi dresses are my go-to. I love how comfy and versatile they are!

endless rose Striped Maxi Dress $95.00

Once you’ve decided upon what to wear, add patriotic pride with accessories!

Whale Logo Baseball Hat $28.00

NAMJOSH Striped Shell Embellished Bun Headband $50

Panama Hat $79.50

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration on what to wear! Have a wonderful time celebrating Independence Day!

Until next time, stay chic dolls 💜

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Photos From:

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A Cozy New Year’s Eve!

As we approach the New Year it’s always easy to look back on what we could’ve done and should’ve done better. I just want you to know that you don’t need to get down on yourself for missed goals or not achieving what you feel you should have.

A new year means new goals and possibilities. However, you don’t have to wait for a New Year to start over. Each day is a New Day with a new chance to make the improvements you wish to make!

With that said, if you don’t have fancy plans for tonight don’t worry about that! Give yourself permission to have a Cozy New Year’s Eve!

Outfit Details!

Similar Cardigan

Similar Tee Shirt

Similar Slip

Similar Boots

Until next time, stay chic dolls 💜

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Fishnets, Tights and Leggings!

Hey Dolls,

We are in our final stretch of Winter! March is is here but we all know this doesn’t mean that warm weather happens right away. This simply means that we will have to Endure coldish-warmish in-between weather. This is were chic hosiery and leggings comes into play! I love being cozy however, I never want to sacrifice my style. I will show you a few ways to style your leg wear to get through this fickle weather!



I love wearing fishnets they add that subtle chic-edge to an otherwise preppy outfit. 

When wearing fishnets try to keep most of your outfit fairly simple. Fishnets make an impact, a lot is not required to make a statement wth these!

Maise Military Jacket
Throwback Vintage Tiger Tee

Dress Is Sold Out Similar Here!

Similar Shoes!

Tights are perfect for that in-between weather when it’s warm enough for a skirt yet too cold for legs to be bare! Don’t confuse tights as something that can only be worn on fancy occasions. Tights can also be worn with an athleisure vibe!

Floral Tights ( It’s hard to see the detail in the picture)

Dress Here!

Shoes are sold out however, these low Heels give off the same easy going vibe!

Pair with any oversized white sweatshirt!

You know that feeling you get when you want to feel like a Mermaid? Awesome, you know it too?! Well I found one of the best ways to achieve that in a comfy way is through a pair of seagreen leggings! The denim jacket and pumps give the look a more grownup vibe!

Similar Leggings! Mine are from Lularoe!

Shoes are the Laken from Justfab. If you don’t have an account sign up with my link Here for Pumps -Search Laken 💕
Or get directly to: Laken Pumps!

Similar Top Here!

Similar Jacket!
Well Dolls I hope this gives you more outfit inspiration until we can be free of cold weather!

Until next time, stay chic dolls 💜

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Sequins For Day!

When you think of sequins, what typically comes to mind is an evening out with friends or a haute date(see what I did there?! LOL) anyways all jokes aside most think of a fancy occasion and/or event. However, for a few years now the trend has gone away from simply keeping sequins for night attire and has transitioned into day! If you are still iffy or unsure of how to rock the trend I want to give you a couple of ideas!

A Sequin Skirt!

A sequin skirt pairs perfectly with a denim jacket and pumps! The socks add a casual vibe and makes it perfect for daytime and evening alike!

Sequin Skirt

Socks are By Muk Luk Similar Here!

A Sequin Top

A Sequin top lends itself to the same concept of combining casual and dressy. A Sequin top paired with sweats makes it easy to run errands and adds that subtle chic to your day! I love this one because of the detailing of the sporty striped neck
KLab Sequin Top!

The blue pumps adds that pop of color that’s perfect for a grey outfit and day! Pumps are from Justfab!

If you don’t have an account sign up with my link here for Pumps -Search Laken  💕

Or get directly to it Here!
Until next time, stay chic dolls 💜

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